10 Reasons You Should NEVER Board Your Dog in a Kennel

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Fab Pet Care Philadelphia | 0 comments

“I thoroughly disapprove of the kennel”

1. Stress: dogs are creatures of habit.
A kennel is a huge difference from your own home, and that drastic change can be extremely stressful for your dog. Familiar sounds, smells and surroundings will help your dog be less anxious when you’re not around.
2. Sickness: No one likes being sick, and neither does your pup. If you chose to board your dog, you are taking the risk of exposing them to both bacterial and viral infections. Known as ‘kennel cough’, infections from kennels can take as long as 3 months to fully clear up and often require costly vet visits. Vaccinations are often not enough and new research has also shown that kennel cough can spread from your dog to you and your family. Yes, that’s correct, disease-causing organisms can easily spread from the kennel to both you and your dog. eew.
3. Convenience: why drag your dog to the kennel when you can have dog care come to you? You shouldn’t have to worry about strict drop off and pick up times, whether or not you packed enough food or your dog’s favorite toy.
4. Injury: kennels often allow dogs to socialize in large groups and sometimes those groups can be unsafe. The term ‘Dog Fight’ exist for a good reason. Don’t let your dog get caught in a fight or overexert himself in a long dog run.
5. One-on-one care: dogs always outnumber humans in kennels. Don’t let your dog get lost in the pack. We’ll spend one-on-one quality time with your dog and make sure that he/she doesn’t get lonely.
6. Special needs: is your dog is on a specific diet, exercise schedule, or medication? With one-to-one dog care we can be attentive to specific needs, providing a much higher level of care than a kennel.
7. Daily updates: you shouldn’t need to worry about how your best friend is doing. A professional dog care provider will keep you posted on your pet’s safety and well being with daily emails. We can also send texts, photos, or call you.
8. Comfort: What is more comfortable than your own bed? Dogs feel the same way. We know that there is no place more comfortable than their own home.
9. No cages: Don’t keep your pup penned in all day in a small cage. When we keep humans like this we refer to them as inmates. Why not let them have the freedom to roam around their own home as they please?
10. No strangers: Get to know us first. We’ll come by and meet you and your pup and make sure that you are comfortable with us before you make any decisions.